Hello… Welcome to rice with cheese!

My name is Xian. My husband and I are Chinese Indonesian. We are Chinese but was born and raised in Indonesia before we came to college in the U.S. We went to college, got married and settled here in the midwest. Well, years has passed and we now have 3 self-proclaimed “Twinkies” (Yellow in the outside, White inside!). They are NOT kidding about being “twinkies” especially when it comes to food. So the kids love American food, but my dear husband must eat rice everyday (or he will say he has not eaten yet!). Needless to say, cooking something that all of them approved is a challenging task!

So I am on a mission to cook a dish that would satisfy all of them. Thus, the name ‘Rice with Cheese” because my recipes are influenced by my Asian heritage and my new American culture. I LOVE cookbooks and magazines and have hoarded them for years! So my resolution for 2017, is to cook more and tweak those recipes to make meals that earned my family’s seal of approval.

When I am not cooking or baking, I am a Ph.D student, a Speech Language Pathologist and a teacher. Yes, we have a busy and crazy life and I blog about it at immigrant mommy

Thanks so much for stopping by! I would like to open at least 2 posts/month to highlight recipes that has “authentic cultural background with American twist”. So if you would like to participate, please submit a post via email.

Also, about how to eat a calzone, leave a comment, connect, and let me know how you eat them and how you make meals to satisfy everyone! 🙂